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Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon - Alison Packard This was a predictable but cute read and I enjoyed it!Sean Barrett is THE hottest actor in the world of Soaps and he has played his role on A New Dawn for 10 years. He's comfortable with where he is and is definitely not looking for anything to shake that up.Enter Kayla Maxwell. She's a newbie to A New Dawn and she's desperate to make a name for herself. Her last relationship ended in disaster when she caught him cheating on her.They each have their hang-ups - Sean, is the son of a very powerful, award-winning actor and a childhood incident has left his relationship with his father hanging by threads. He's had enough of the fame seeking women who try to use him to get to his father.When the writers of the show witness the chemistry between Sean and Kayla, an on-screen romance is inevitable... but can they put their issues aside to pursue the off-screen romance too? Throw in a little mystery in that Kayla has a stalker who has been threatening her and you have quite an enjoyable story. First... I love the cover BUT ... I'm not quite sure what it has to do with this story. seriously. It's adorable and all, but really it doesn't scream mystery and romance to me. I really enjoyed the characters in this story. From Sean and Kayla to even Lisa (their agent) to Sean's dad. Kayla to be honest, did some stupid things. I mean I get being independent and everything, but she wasn't stupid, so the fact that she would be pissed off that someone (Sean) wants to make sure she is okay and no one has killed her yet should register as a good thing and there were times where she took offense to the fact that he must have thought she couldn't take care of herself. That to me was just plain stupid. I really enjoyed the relationship build between Sean and Kayla though. It wasn't rushed and it was definitely hot and steamy. While I totally understood Sean's hangups about women in the industry, I didn't get his complete meltdown when she was talking to his father. No... that's not right, I did get it, but I didn't like it. It really made him seem much younger than his 30+ years and laying down an ultimatum never has good results.If you're looking for a sweet romance, with a bit of predictable mystery, then this book might just be perfect for you! Thank you to Netgalley and Carina Press for the Advance Copy.This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: