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Breaking Point

Breaking Point - So... this book... I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this since I knew it was available. I may have scared the girl who emailed me to let me know I won.But I blame Kristen... I mean, the ending to Article 5 had me dying to know what was next for Ember and Chase. And she wastes no time in getting me back into the story.Ember and Chase are with the Resistance now after faking their deaths and their only goal is to lay low hoping that they will be forgotten. Alas, things are never that easy. The government posts a most-wanted list and guess who makes the cut? In the meantime, a sniper is busy taking out FBR soldiers one at a time and everyone has their suspicions about who it might be.Now... that's just the bare bones of this book because so much happens here that I can't possibly tell you it all without ruining it. The flow and pacing is wonderfully done for sure. Chase - *sigh* I love this guy. I just can't not love him. After everything he's been through in his life he still perseveres and he has this quiet way about him that even though he's not shouting about how much he loves Ember you know he does with all his heart and soul. And he has this need to protect her, you see it in his every action and it's amazingly written. There's this one scene... when they're in Chicago and OMGYou'll know which one I'm talking about once you read this book - I promise. Ember started out a bit different for me. I was a little irritated with her because she was being so whiny at the beginning. BUT that's the genius behind it. In Article 5 and even at the beginning of Breaking Point Ember isn't that strong kick-ass girl, even though she may have done some things that made her seem to be. But the growth in her character by the end of the book is apparent. It has me dying to get my hands on book 3 - (do you hear me Kristen... I'm totally available for prereading.) She's finally come into her own and seen what she is capable of and knows what she wants to fight for.And while Ember and Chase's relationship is a factor in this book, the plot of the story isn't lost to the potential romance. But what a romance it will finally be... The quiet moments between the two were some of my favorites!!The secondary characters are quickly becoming some of my favorites too. Sean, who we didn't know a whole lot about previously has become a bigger factor in the story and someone for Ember to lean on. I loved his part in this story.There are a few other characters that I loved but won't really talk about simply because I can't ruin anything for those who haven't read it. Just know that I spent most of this book on the edge of my seat. Nervous. Nervous for the characters I've come to love and nervous because I knew the path they were on was not going to be easy. Kristen has created an amazing world with a compelling story that will have you glued to your seat turning page after page simply because you have to know what is going to happen next. If you haven't picked up Article 5 yet, run out and get it so you'll be ready for Breaking Point when it's released in February! You're going to want to read these books!! Kristen... THANK YOU to Tor Teen for the advance copy!This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: