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The Rules for Disappearing

The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston In The Rules for Disappearing we meet Meg Jones... or is it Madeline or Isabelle or Olivia. Meg herself is having trouble keeping it straight after eight months of new identities and new places to live. This time Meg and her family have been yanked from their apartment in the middle of the night, her hair has been chopped off and she has to wear boring brown contacts. Her destination this time... rural Louisiana. Over the last eight months she's found she has more and more questions though, and they center around her father and what he might have done to get them into this situation. Her sister is different these days, her mother drinks to forget and her father avoids. Meg herself is determined not to join anything and not to make friends because it's inevitable that she won't be around long enough to enjoy any of it. But she meets Ethan Landry on her first day and he immediately questions whether she's being honest about who she is and where she's from with everyone. Despite her best intentions to not get him involved in her life she can't stay away and he won't let her. I thoroughly enjoyed this story! From the plot to the characters to the writing style, it all worked for me. I really liked Meg/Olivia/Isabelle/Madeline etc etc. She could have become a shell of herself after reinventing herself each time and she was well on her way, but the reminder that her sister needed her was a blessing and it kept her fighting to learn the truth and when everything finally comes together, while it wasn't a giant surprise, it still completely worked. Ethan was incredibly sweet... but he wasn't. What I mean is that he wasn't a doormat who continued to let her hide the truth from him and push him away time after time and I appreciated that even though it did cause a bit of heartfail. LOL.Ethan and Meg together were wonderful and totally satisfied my romance loving heart."I get it." He takes a step closer, putting his hands on my hips and his head comes in close. He whispers, "Thanks for saving my ass. I was just about to knock the shit out of him and that wouldn't have ended well.""I can't speak. He kisses the side of my neck and I'm sure he can feel my pulse thumping. HE moves away from my neck until his face is inches from mine. His lips are so close but it's like he's waiting for me to close the gap between us. I hesitate for a second or so then lean in just enough to make contact. It's all the invitation he needs. His hands leave my hips only to move to the sides of my face. Kissing him is as good as I ever thought it would be."The end has a bit of a twist to it... something even I didn't see coming, and after reading it I found that there is thankfully, a sequel coming out in 2014. If you like action, a little romance, and a lot of mystery and suspense then I definitely recommend you pick up this book! It's a quick and wonderful read that I'm sure you'll enjoy just as much as I did.Thanks to Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review! This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: