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Time After Time

Time After Time - Tamara Ireland Stone I was so incredibly excited when I found out that there would be a book 2 to Time Between Us, so when I noticed Time After Time was up at Netgalley I hit 'request' and patiently stared at my inbox. I had to know what the future held for Anna and Bennett and Tamara Ireland Stone did not disappoint. In Time After Time Anna and Bennett have committed to a relationship with each other, even though it seems as though it would be impossible. They've scheduled when he will be there for her... dances and races and the important times and they are determined to make it work. But things, as they should know by now, don't always go as planned. And messing with time itself can have ramifications.Because Anna sat here once, Right next to me, and handed me a letter that told me I'd meet her someday. I wish she'd warned me that when I did, I wouldn't quite know how to be here without her. Bennett sees an event that he shouldn't have though, and suddenly he finds himself struggling with his place in Anna's life. He worries that he shouldn't be there and questions whether they are doing the right thing by pursuing a relationship that is less than guaranteed. The struggle and realities of the situation are immense."All I want is a normal relationship with you, and when I'm here, it feels like I have it. But when I'm there...I just miss you. All the time."Throughout the story you feel the urgency that Bennett has to continually get back to Anna instead of staying in his own time. The lengths he goes to, to make it all happen is a beautiful thing. If you think regular long-distance relationships are hard... this makes those look like a walk in the park. Ireland definitely excels at character building, and I loved that this was told in Bennett's point of view this time around. We get to see interaction with his family... namely Brooke, who was mostly just a name in Time Between Us, but has become a wonderful character in book 2, as well as bits and pieces of his relationship with his parents. I really liked that they knew about this strange talent he has and even though I didn't care for the pressure from his father, I understood it. Even his interactions with Anna's family were really well done, namely Anna's protective father and it's not often that you even see parents in YA books these days, but I love that they were present here. Those of you romance lovers out there, won't be disappointed either. Stone gives us the sweet romantic teenage love that you can't help but sigh and swoon over. But... and I have to say this... they aren't stupid about it. They both realize that at any time Bennett could get pushed back to his own time and this life that they have with each other could disappear. But I also loved that when things got tough, Anna didn't give up, she stood up for him and their relationship when everyone around her was questioning it, and you always know how Bennett feels about her even though he struggles with where he fits into her life. Ultimately this book raises some moral questions, which I won't get into specific situations because I don't want to give things away, but among them 'should Bennett be changing things in the past? Even though this 'talent' he has allows for it, how does it impact things that will happen in the future? And how has his being in Anna's life impacted her future... And finally, the ending. I can't even explain coherently how I feel about that end. It was complete and absolute perfection. So I'll leave it at that.If you haven't picked up this series, you should do so now. This is what all Contemporary YA should aspire to... a beautifully told story filled with love, romance, and friendship. Thank you to Netgalley & Disney Hyperion for an advanced copy for review.This review can be found on my blog Fic Fare: