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Acid - Emma Pass Firstly - thank you to Leigh Ann Kopans for sending this book my way! Second - The book! 3 stars!ACID was an interesting read, and for it's size I was a bit intimidated, but to be honest it was a really quick read for me! It's the UK of the future - 2113 to be exact, and ACID is a brutal police force. They know everything, they see everything and they rule everything. ACID is the group that has put Jenna into a maximum security prison for a crime she can't even remember. She's the only female inmate in this prison and so she's learned to survive at whatever means necessary. A rebel group breaks her out of prison for reasons unknown to her, but she's determined to figure out what happened First, let's talk about the things that I struggled with. I thought that the premise of the story was really a great idea... I think the execution of it fell a bit flat. I didn't really feel like we got enough of a backstory on how ACID came to power or what the hell the rest of the world was doing and how they were being kept in the dark about all the things that were happening. I would have liked some more information and building of that end of the story. I felt like the side plots of the story were never really resolved. The Life Partner stuff... the cult group... Max's story. Nothing really felt like it was wrapped up and all these things really didn't help with the story flow.What I did like... I really liked Jenna. You guys know I love my tough girls, and she had to become one basically overnight. I really loved the bits of news paraphernalia that was spread throughout book... the ACID reports and news reports all added a bit more to the story for me.Overall I thought it was a good story - If you're looking for a quick read in the dystopian genre this one is just different enough to keep you reading. This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: