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Deep Autumn Heat: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Deep Autumn Heat - Elisabeth Barrett so... this book had serious potential. I mean first- look at that cover. shirtless man on a motorcycle - GIMME!! - The plot of the story itself wasn't even bad either. Lexie Meyers owns a restaurant in Star Harbor and is starting a catering business but when former bad boy Sebastian returns to town for his annual meet up with his brothers he finds he can't get Lexie out of his head. Sebastian, or Seb as he's called is a rising star in the cooking world - he has a very successful restaurant in NYC and is expanding to Boston... he thinks. Plus, he's starting to film for a cooking show for tv. Lexie moved to Star Harbor to get away from a relationship gone bad. She started her business and hasn't looked back. In fact, people are out to get her famous Coconut Cake recipe. Where this book fell short for me was that it had too much going on all at once. Lexie's ex is possibly stalking her, someone is causing problems for her restaurant, her employees have 'family issues', a competitor wants her cake recipe and is leaving her threatening letters.... I mean this girl has some serious bad luck and on top of that, Seb is interested in her. (that might be the only good thing happening for her ... or so it seems LOL and for most of the book she disagreed!)But in all seriousness this needs some major editing in my opinion. There was stuff in here I just didn't need to know, or care about and I found myself skimming sections to get to the good stuff. For example, at one point there were several pages of interaction with her lawyer about filing paperwork for her catering business and a restraining order.... I didn't care. I don't need ALL the details about everything. Another time we got dialogue between her and her kitchen staff for a meeting they had regarding salary increases and the help she would need for her catering business . O_o Again, I didn't care about those details and I didn't need them to know what was going on in the story. This happened quite often I found. (those are the only examples off the top if my head.) Another thing I took issue with was some of the words. I'm a word sensitive person, I can't help it. The sexy stuff was pretty sexy... until I got to the word nubbin.... or channel. total dealbreakers for me because when I saw nubbin - I immediately thought of Chandler's third nipple on friends. That might not bother you so take my critique of that with a grain of salt. so... I kinda liked this, I liked the characters but the story itself still needs a bit of work in my opinion.