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Lean on Me (The Holloway Series)

Lean on Me (The Holloway Series) - HelenKay Dimon 2.5 starsCassidy Clarke used to be at the top of the world... literally. She was a rock climber, climbing the highest mountains in the world, but an unexpected illness ends her career. She's forced to go home to the small town she grew up in and inadvertently snubbed in an interview. Needless to say the people she grew up with aren't all that excited to see her.Things aren't as one might expect for Cassidy though. She doesn't have a dime to her name, and her step-father is avoiding her. Enter Mitch Anders. He's stunned when he finds out the girl he had a crush on in high school is trespassing on the grounds of his plant nursery. From the start we get some cute banter and I was excited to see how the book progresses...He stood up straight again. “I’m going to walk away thinking we’re on for tomorrow.”Her good mood faded. “I didn’t—”“When I do go—” he pointed in the direction of the glassed-in office at the far end of the room, “—you’re going to be tempted to watch my ass.”The comment was so out of context it hit her like a sharp smack. “Excuse me?”“Just to be clear, I won’t be offended. As far as I’m concerned, you can go right ahead and look because I can guarantee you if the positions were reversed, I’d be watching yours.”With her mouth hanging open and her mind muddled, she watched him walk away. No, make that saunter. It was the sure stalk of a hunter, all grace with no wasted steps.And damn if she didn’t take a peek at his ass.Like I said, I was excited. There was cute banter and some sparks between the two main characters. I'm not sure what happened though. At times I thought the building relationship between Mitch and Cassidy was a bit forced. I also struggled with her step-father as a character. The things he was doing didn't make any sense to me. I mean... I get it... being foreclosed on, losing the home you have is scary and embarassing. BUT how do you stonewall the daughter you love and avoid her and not tell her anything, letting her sleep where ever. Not once did he ask her where she was staying since he wasn't letting her stay with him. Then there was the big misunderstanding. I didn't get it. I didn't get how Mitch's issues with his ex even factored into the gossip finally getting to him about Cassidy. He spent the better part of the book defending her to everyone ... even his best friends. Then suddenly he believes this scrap of gossip thinking it to be true? nope... I didn't buy it. Overall, the book was cute and the characters were likable. If you're looking for a quick, sweet story this might be for you. It looks like it's a series, and that makes sense. I will say this. I had an ARC and the editing was in desperate need of some attention. I hope that that was cleaned up before this book was released. Thank you to Netgalley for the advance copy. This book can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: