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Mr. Wonderful Lies

Mr. Wonderful Lies - Kaitlin Maitland Look at that cover... that's what drew me in for sure! You all know how I am about cover right?In Mr. Wonderful Lies, we meet Megan - she's tired of dating losers and with her latest debacle behind her a year ago, she's ready to jump back into the dating game. She's even pretty sure she's found her 'Mr. Wonderful". Her two best friends, Anna and Jared, aren't so sure. Megan has always been attracted to Jared, but he's undatable for a few reasons..1. He has a tattoo covering his back. I'm looking for a grown up, clean cut guy.2. His left nipple is pierced. I don't care how sexy that is, see reason 1.3. He is gorgeous. Gorgeous men get too much attention from other women.4. He is my friend. Dating friends is fine, breaking up with them means weirdness. 5.Jared has a long-standing reputation around the gym of being a player.I wanted desperately to like this story more than I did. There are a couple reasons I didn't, but I'll tell you what I did like first.I really liked Jared. Here is a guy who because of some past mistakes was being pigeonholed by one of his best friends. He sincerely cared about her and you could see that in his actions towards her, but she was so clueless.I really loved the relationships between Megan and Anna and Jared. They really weren't superficial friendships and we get to see good examples of that throughout.ok... what I didn't like. From the get go with her "Mr. Wonderful", he made me feel almost dirty. I don't know if that was intended, but their relationship started online and while I get that build and anticipation, I don't expect someone to be calling me "Baby" before I even meet him in person. And I thought I was going to explode with the amount of times he actually calls her "baby" - 29 to be exact. I think a guy calling someone that can be hot, and sexy. But this... was just blah to me.I really didn't care for Megan once the story got moving. Like I said above, she was so clueless, and even when Jared stepped up and explained things she immediately dismissed him because of his history... nevermind that she never really looked past his appearance and what she had heard about him instead of really getting to know him. An underlying theme in this book is also that Megan is not "skinny". But she's confident in her looks and appearance. It seemed to come up as a major issue at certain points but I don't know that it was as fleshed out as it could have been if the author was trying to make a point about it... I guess maybe that you can be healthy and happy without being a size zero? By 33% in and after only meeting Ollie in person once she actually internally says this. Jared was my friend. I loved Ollie.Oh really?? You obviously only know this guy a little bit and you already love him? The relationship that was built between Ollie and Megan seemed forced and rushed and while I get that thinking you're falling in love can be glorious and wonderful, with her history of bad relationships I don't buy that she's all in with this guy after only talking on the phone and online and meeting only once. I just don't. So... without spoiling anything I'm going to leave this review here. This was a quick read, frustrating and even a little irritating at times, but check it out if you're looking for a romance with a curvy heroine and a friends to more type theme. Plus there's that tattoo and piercing which I'm fond of. This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: