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Winter Omens

Winter Omens - Trisha Leigh The Last Year Series is quickly moving up my list of favorite series of all time. If you haven't started this one then run out and pick up book 1! I promise you are going to love it. Winter Omens picks up where Whispers in Autumn ends. Althea is alone again in Winter and on the run from The Others. The only thing that holds back her worry about Lucas is the note left for her stating he is safe. But she's not sure how long that statement will hold true so she is in a hurry to get back to him.While in the Wilds, Althea encounters two important characters. First - Wolf. She's reluctant at first to encourage the animal to stay with her but because while making her escape to the Wilds she injured herself, he takes care of her in the only way he knows how and their bond begins to form. Wolf isn't really a wolf, but not having pets Althea has no idea that this isn't true. The other person is Pax. Pax is another dissident... Autumn and he shows up smelling of apples, cinnamon and burning leaves and he knows who and what she is. We don't know Pax's full story immediately, he keeps bits and pieces of what happened to him and his history to himself as does Althea, but you know they have an immediate connection. Pax has his own agenda ... to get back to Portland to see how his 'brother' is doing... to make sure he's okay. He doesn't care if Althea joins him or not, but Althea's desire to find Lucas is thwarted by Pax because until he can get back to Portland he won't travel with her. I really liked the addition of Pax in this story. It's easy to tell early on that he makes up the third in a love triangle, but just to be clear, I didn't hate it. Normally triangles just make me angry, but the connection between Pax and Althea was believable and unforced and it made sense. They are helping each other though some pretty intense and major things and the result is something more than friendship. While they travel to Portland, Althea realizes that her mother can connect to her via her sinum while she's sleeping which means that the Others in the Hive can also find her there if they desire and so this added complication adds to their desperation.I really thought this was a perfect second book to the series. There was a ton of action and the plot was executed wonderfully. The flow of the story totally worked and I found myself loving Althea even more by the end. Not only do we get to know more about the Dissidents, Pax, Althea, Lucas and Deshi, but we get more information on The Others. We get to see how cruel they truly are and learn a bit more about what they want and why. We also get to meet Griffin who is full of surprises!There are obviously things I can't and won't tell you... I won't ruin this series for anyone. But I can tell you this, if you like edge of your seat action, wonderful world building and a story that will have you turning page after page this is the one for you.As soon as I finished this book, I immediately picked up book 3 and book 4 (the last) is out in mid February so you don't have long to wait to have the full series in your hands. Definitely run out and read these - The covers are lovely and these are definitely books I've got on my 'must have actual copies of' list!!This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: