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Tight Knit

Tight Knit - Allie Brennan From the very first page of Tight Knit I was pulled into the the story of Talia and Lachlan. The title works perfectly for this story too... The knitting is almost like a secondary character here and I loved it. Talia has been dealing with panic attacks for most of her life and at the urging of her grandmother, Nan, she has gone off her medication, determined to be strong enough to learn how to handle the attacks on her own. Nan has been her rock for most of her life... as an only child, her parents aren't at all involved or interested in what's going on in her life. She's got a crappy boyfriend and a best friend who is acting strange. When Nan gets sick, Talia is pushed into the role of leader when she has to set up and plan the annual Christmas Charity Drive for the knitting group that she is a part of. Lachlan hasn't had an easy life and has learned to depend on no one except his Gram. She's bailed him out of so much, and he's determined to keep his past a secret from anyone and everyone. When Gram tells him he has to help with the Christmas sale, he never expected to end up wanting to be there.I really loved the characters that Allie has created in this story. They are realistic and flawed and believable. They make bad choices and they hurt, yet none of it was over the top. Talia was incredibly likable as someone who struggled with fitting in and overcoming these attacks that seemed to be taking over her life. Watching the growth of her character and having her find the strength that was inside was wonderful.Lachlan, even with all his flaws, was kinda swoony! I spot the hat first, then the soft curls, then the defined jaw and sharp nose. Lachlan is definitely not movie star gorgeous, but there's something about him that demands attention. I would be lying if I said I didn't like looking at him.Everyone in school knew he had been in juvie and with his Tattoos and motorcycle... he's the bad boy everyone admires from afar. And he does a good job at keeping everyone at arms length. Counting down the days to his 18th birthday and getting released from the debt he owes is his only focus until he meets Talia. I have to say that I really loved the evolution of his relationship with Talia. It wasn't rushed and they were incredibly sweet together.He kicks the bike to life and we drive away. He takes hold of my arm wrapped around his waist and slides his hand down until his fingers touch mine. He laces our hands together and squeezes.Even the secondary characters of Gram and Nan were wonderfully written! Everyone needs wise, incredible women like this in their lives. "Did you love her?""Janna?" I'm still confused. "Yeah. I loved Janna.""Well then cry for her. Not him."I open my mouth and then close it again before any excuses escape."Those we love are the only ones worth crying over," Nan continues.I think the only issue I had is with the end of the book. It was a bit rushed for me, and I would have liked to see a bit more development and resolution with the whole Lachlan/Deacon issue (without getting too specific we don't know if there are any consequences to what Lachlan has been doing.)If you're looking for a sweet opposites attract story with some light drama this might be just what you need! I wasn't sure what to label this... it definitely leans more toward the YA but definitely the mature end. This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: