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Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day I really wanted to like this. I did. BUT I found myself at times cringing, rolling my eyes and making that bitchface I've realized I have. Eva our heroine moves to the big apple from San Diego hoping to make a life based on her own merits. See, she comes from a life of wealth, her mother is married to a guy who's loaded. BUT they purchase her a fancy apartment where she takes up residence with her bi roommate Cary. We don't know what kind of trauma Eva has experienced in her life yet, but we do know something has happened as its hinted at. Her mother is over protective and so she is also trying to break free from that and start living an independent life... Sort of. Her new job takes her to the crossfire building where she accidentally meets Gideon cross and things move forward from there. Gideon... I liked him... I think? He's handsome, a billionaire, owns almost all the things in new York and finds Eva completely irresistible. But of course he too has demons in his past (though admittedly we NEVER find out what they are in this book there are only hints as to what they are) I don't even know what to say... I'm struggling not to say that I couldn't help but compare this to a series I disliked but I almost have to because the resemblance is uncanny, is this better written ..yes much better (please see 2.5 stars vs 1) but still everything just seemed so manufactured for me. Neither wants a relationship.. But for each other they will..it was a cycle of he bends his norms and desires to go out with her, he fucks up in some way and she runs off. Rinse repeat. I mean... Over and over. I feel like the book could have saved about 150 pages. but on top of that I like reading about adults because I'm an adult and to me Eva just came across as not. Instead of talking about the issues that arose she immediately takes off... I hate that. So at one point I was all hey yay they worked out the major issues now they can get on with the falling in love and being happy ... But no. Hey.., btw Eva I'm a dominant and you're a submissive.. Bet you didn't know that! That came out of left field for me because at no point in the front half of the book did I get any inkling that that's where the book was going. Don't get me wrong I love bdsm (not personally but you know... To read) Anyway... There were a few other things that got my hackles up, but I'll leave this review be as is.I will say this, the cover is lovely, and I'm a total cover h00r ...(the cover has changed to be more like those damn fifty books because why not ride that train) Half the books on my tbr list are because I was drawn in by the cover. I will also say that I liked bits and pieces of the characters.. Though the over the top possessiveness from gideon and the super jealousy from Eva kinda scare me for them in the future. So... I guess read this book if you liked that one series that shall not be named. Lulz