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Under The Never Sky: Under the Never Sky : Book 01

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi Aria is exiled from the world she lives in... Reverie... Or pod city. Lol they live in a world that is totally controlled and everything they do is done/sensed/created through a smarteye that each Dweller wears. Think virtual reality...Upon her exile she is sent to The Death Shop where she is left to die. Which obviously doesn't happen.. She runs into Perry instead. Perry has left his tribe to find his nephew who has been kidnapped by Dwellers and without getting into all the details surrounding that, he plans to rescue him and bring him home because his father won't. They strike a deal... Perry will get Aria to the pods and he can then get Talon back.This is Told in alternating points of views from both Perry and Aria which I actually don't mind.. It's nice getting both views in this type of book.So here's the thing... I really enjoyed this book once things got going. But there were a few things that bugged me about it too.First the good. I really loved the Characters. While Aria was a bit whiny in the beginning the evolution of her character was believable for me. Did she do stupid stuff? Absolutely (please see 'dont leave the cave Aria) lol but as the book progressed I found her getting stronger, learning about herself and learning about the world she was dumped into. Perry... I fell for him. Even though I cringe when I say the name perry in my head. Lol. I fell for his desire to protect everyone. While he had only anger for Aria upon meeting, he grew to depend on her as much as she did him. Roar ... I absolutely adore him he is awesome i found I wanted him in more of the book! But he was just written so wonderfully that I wanted more and I looked forward to reading the scenes with him in them. I hope we get a lot more of him in the next installment. Towards the end when their relationship began to grow and become more, I loved the tenderness and the feelings they both had for each other, but ugh I wanted them to talk about All the things he didnt want to... While I get the reasons he's afraid that they can never be together, why oh why give in to the feelings if you know that there can be nothing in the future. I saw where it was going and it hurt me from the first kiss. And even with the warnings from Rose she plowed ahead.. Which I foresee being a problem in the future. The potential here is wonderful. I'm really looking forward to where Rossi takes it. i loved the idea that the outsiders had these heightened senses and the world that Rossi has created even if I do have some serious questions ;) What I didn't like. I'm not really sure i know exactly what aether is... Where it came from, why it's happening ... I need more information. Again I wanted more information on why the Dwellers were living in the pods... Why this virtual world was necessary. The transitions were rough for me in the first half, though it did get better as the book went on. So... I will read on... Hoping for bigger and better explanations of the things we didn't get enough information about in the first book, and I swear to all that is holy that better be perry at the end she's running to lmao Go give it a read! I think you will enjoy it!