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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Ok... The tears have subsided and I'm ready to share my thoughts. I had an inkling of what was going to happen in this book, I mean all my friends were reading this at the same time so I saw the posts and comments and I just knew if there was a topic that could break me, this would be it.hazel is a 16 year old who has cancer... Though shes not in remission, her tumors are being held at bay by a drug that no one knows the side effects to and her lungs are in such bad shape that she is constantly on oxygen. Her mother wants her to be more involved. she's been out of regular school for 3 years and has only a couple acquaintances still from that time in her life. So she goes to her cancer survivors group and meets someone who will change her life joking over the misuse of the word literally. Augustus Waters is sweet, handsome and incredibly charismatic. He's hard to resist and I fell in love with him. The two bond over, of all things, Hazels favorite book and so brings about a whirlwind trip to Amsterdam to get answers from an author who turns out to be a big disappointment. I can't tell much more about the story simply because you must experience this book yourself. From hazel, to Gus to Isaac, I fell in love with each of them for different reasons. John Green had me bawling and clutching wads of Kleenex one minute then chuckling about something the next... My emotions were everywhere.I think the story ended perfectly and honestly can't picture any other way it should go... I want to know more, yet I don't if that makes sense. I'm happy where Hazel is .*cue more tears* This is a must read for everyone ... No questions. Just go now. *edited to add* 12/31-1/1/13 just finished a reread of this and it was just as painful and wonderful the second time around. Totally worth every tear and laugh and sob and smile... If you're not sure you want to experience it, I hope you'll change your mind.