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Until I Die

Until I Die - Amy Plum This is out now right.. so I can review it? :) LOL This book... this book had me ready to throw it across the room by the last page. Not because I hated it, not at all. I turned that last page and seriously looked at my sister and said "Wait, that's it?" So yes, there is quite the cliffhanger at the end of this one so that's my warning to everyone picking this book up because I know that there are some people who hate them. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a horrible "ARE YOU GD KIDDING ME" cliffhanger, but there is something that wasn't addressed and could potentially go south, BUT there is also a bit of hope so... proceed with caution.I read the first book in this series and absolutely loved it. The plot is so different and unique and I was dying for this second book ... now I'm dying for the third. Amy Plum has a very eloquent writing style that I really enjoy and the story flowed wonderfully for me. I think it may have only taken me a day to read this! She writes about Paris, a city she knows and loves... and she makes me want to know and love it too. This wasn't your typical middle book either. Kate and Vincent are officially together. Vincent if you'll remember is a Revenant, and we learn quite a bit more about their lore and history in this book. A Revenant is basically an undead who has the job of helping people and dying in a human's place. They have an urge to die and in this book Kate and Vincent are trying to find a way for them to be together without him going through any more deaths. While she grows old and dies, he would be alive for eternity saving lives and this is where the relationship gets its hangup. This is also the reason they spend so much time apart in this book - Vincent is trying one thing while Kate is looking in another direction to resolve this problem. We also learn a bit about how Vincent fits into the Revenant lore so that was interestingThis book has a bit of everything, romance, mystery, and humor, but I wanted MORE Kate and Vincent. seriously, they weren't together often enough for my taste. What we did get of them together was definitely swoony - winter picnics, the ballet and even sword lessons! Vincent just has this charming presence when he's with Kate and I adore it, and Kate isn't just a simpering girl that he needs to protect, which I love! So...the bad guys, well... it wasn't a surprise when the mystery was finally solved, I'll just say that and that's probably my only real complaint... that it was all quite obvious what/who the problem was.Overall I loved this book and I think that if you're looking for something different and unique give it a try. The story itself if beautifully written and the characters are wonderful and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did!